Episode 10

In this episode your intrepid hosts discuss musical omnivory, discourse analysis, whither musicology, meta-musicology, #musicologytwitter and more.

The discussion is in response to David Blake’s ‘Musicological Omnivory in the Neoliberal University’, published in The Journal of Musicology, Vol. 34, Issue 3, pp. 319–353.

Episode 9


In this episode Liam and Stephen discuss the internet and the post-internet, millenials and post-millenials, multi-modal culture and digitial utopias...and a little bit of music too (including Holly Herndon, a still from whose 'Chorus' can be seen above).

The discussion is in response to Michael Waugh's '"My laptop is an extension of my memory and self": Post-Internet identity, virtual intimacy and digital queering in online popular music', published in Vol. 36, Issue 2, of Popular Music.

Research in the Round this episode covers everything from Steven Shaviro's Digital Music Videos to the Kyoto Prize and Susan McClary and Robert Walser's new endowment.



Episode 8

don aman.jpg

In this episode of Talking Musicology Liam and Stephen discuss recent debates on canons and curricula, notation and diversification, through the lens of Alejandro L. Madrid's article ‘Diversity, Tokenism, Non-Canonical Musics, and the Crisis of the Humanities in U.S. Academia’, available in the Spring 2017 issue of The Journal of Music History Pedagogy.

Episode 7

In this episode of Talking Musicology Liam and Stephen discuss ethnography and ethnomusicology, post-colonial theory and narrative, and literature as alienation. This is all through the lens of Katie Graber writing on Francis La Flesche in ‘Francis La Flesche and Ethnography: Writing, Power, Critique’, available in the Winter 2017 issue of Ethnomusicology.  Meanwhile in Research-in-the-Round, we highlight an upcoming conference based on the work of Barry S. Brook, and Tim Rutherford-Johnson’s new book Music After the Fall.