Jeffrey Lewis - 100 Fall Songs


Jeffrey Lewis is a comic book writer/artist and a musician.  His band has a multi-faceted existence, exploring a stylistic swath from contemplative folk narratives to distortion-fueled garage rock to soundscape abstractions and more, usually all within any given ten-minute period. Jeffrey has been self-publishing a comic book series called "Fuff" since 2004, has lectured around the world on topics such as the Watchmen comic book and independently produced music, and in recent years his work has been featured by the History Channel, the New York Times, the Guardian, NPR, and elsewhere.
This image is an 11-inch by 17-inch full-color illustration by Jeffrey, depicting visual interpretations of 100 songs by The Fall.  In fact, there are 112 songs represented in this drawing, including selections from every Fall album from 1978-2015.  Each copy comes with a separate "answer key" page listing all the song titles findable in the art, so finding the song-titles in the illustration can be a fun activity whether one is familiar with the original songs or not.

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